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Women in livingness WORKSHOP 


"Because I love all Women in Livingness Events. I wouldn't miss one. I have always felt so empowered after an event. At the end of this particular event, I looked around and I could see women that were at the event, were walking differently, compared to the way they walked into the event." 

“I see a lot of women really unsure of who they are, lacking in self-confidence, trying to fit in and live up to so many ideals and expectations of who they think a woman should be. And yet at the same time, they are going against everything that they naturally feel inside themselves, crushing it. These workshops are an awesome stop for that woman, to come and to feel and get really honest about what she feels is true. It is an invaluable forum for women to be truly empowered for their well-being.” 

"Natalie Benhayon delivered pure magic on many levels. Her analogies have stayed with me. I love opening doors with my fingertips and bringing my whole body to support me. An awesome event - I'm all ready for the three day workshop/retreat as suggested!! "


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