September 25, 2019

When the recent Women in Livingness workshop kicked off and Natalie Benhayon  revealed the day was going to be about Standards & Expectations, I was quite delighted! I had already clocked how damaging and invariably useless expectations are in life and relationships...

June 22, 2019

I kind of knew what empowerment wasn’t when I walked into the latest Women in Livingness presentation, From Empowerment to Power. But to be able to say exactly what empowerment is or rather importantly how to get it or feel it,

March 3, 2018

Walking into a smart, modern venue in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, I felt instantly at ease and knew today was going to be a great day. This is definitely the place for a truly modern woman, one who doesn’t shy away from engaging in life, her workplace, her community...

August 15, 2017

To not be influenced by ideals, beliefs or external factors in life, but rather only by what comes from inside you and that honours the deepest part of you - in other words, having a deep relationship with one's body over and above what happens around you. Yep, sign me...

March 5, 2017

WIL Brisbane // February 2017 Event Blog - Why do we grow up to care so much about what shape we are, what we look like and if we measure up? Enjoy an in-depth recap of the day and what was discussed.

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Standards vs Expectations

September 25, 2019