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Date | Held on Sunday 8th July

Time |10am - 3pm (AEST)


Investment | $70 

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 Lack of Self-Worth and Self-Doubt are the all too well known terrible twins that sabotage women from an otherwise steady confidence and inner authority.


For some of us, reaching our goals or feeling settled with our accomplishments is short lived with a struggle to appreciate the value of what we've contributed, and for others, we can never seem to get to that place of settlement already second guessing our every step before we take it. This can affect our relationships from deepening, changing negative thoughts or behaviours, prevent us from expanding in our professionals and more.


But why has it become so normal to not feel good enough in who we are and what we can do?  Are we coping with 'this new norm'? Is it possible to change?


Natalie Benhayon presents in this 'Women in Livingness' workshop an in-depth yet practical view on how we can support ourselves to break free of this cycle and re-establish a consistent sense of settlement in ourselves which is not a push of one's mind over the body, rather a wholesome approach to our physical, mental and emotional wellness. 


September 25, 2019

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