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What is a Woman? ... what is she not?

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In an era of more sass, spunk and celestial intimacy than we have ever had access to before, what does it mean to be a woman and what does it not?


Truth or Myth? A woman is more confident, sexy and turned on around the time of ovulation.

Truth or Myth? Men are turned off by powerful and sacred women.

Truth or Myth? Women entering menopause lose libido, lose hair and dry up.

Truth or Myth? There is a special quality a woman feels when she gives birth to children.


$38 AUD

It’s time to tell the Truth and or bust the Myths.


Join Natalie Benhayon and Rebecca K Baldwin for this women’s only webinar.


What is a Woman…And What is She Not?


This is a camera’s on event designed for women in the student body. Get dressed up and get together with a group of girlfriends to once again hang out on the couch with Natalie and Rebecca. This will be more than just a ‘girls talk’…the BoS’s are back.

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