I could not imagine living any other way

I’m Monica and I live in London working in a busy corporate environment.

I love it, and I love living in this busy global city, being part of it’s daily commute, and sharing space with all those people. I live and work with grace, humour and have lots of fun with it all, even while at times it is super demanding and very stressful. I’m the one you’ll hear laughing in the office, appreciating what others bring, and enjoying being with them all. No matter how crazy it gets or if I get affected by it (no perfection!) I find a way to come back to the solidness of me. My friends, my clients and my colleagues feel this and it’s super supportive for me and them. Each day I learn more about letting go and allowing myself to more fully express how and who I am, and my life, my job and my city support me in this every day.

I’ve attended Women in Livingness Events over the last few years and through them I’ve learned to be more with this steadiness of myself, to be super honest about what works and what doesn’t, and to understand and know that no matter what I do I am a woman first, and to bring that woman with me in all I am and I do.

There is a gorgeous quality of stillness that women bring which offers a point of stop or reflection, and my experience living and working with this is that it changes things for me and others, there is less reaction and more space to respond, more grace and far more allowing - there is a freedom in how I am and how I move that is tangible and enjoyable to live and be. I could not imagine living any other way.

Monica Gillooly, 47, London UK

A Woman in The Livingness