WORKSHOP Available by webcast 

Date | Sunday 17th February

Time |10am - 3pm (AEST)


Investment | $70 

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How often do women trust what they feel, express what they know and honour what it is they need to be the woman they want to be? 


In a world that is fast paced and demanding there doesn’t seem to be much space for this, for women to understand themselves to this level that creates a foundation of well-being so she does not doubt her inner strengths but knows her physical limits. 


Empowerment and Power are words that get used and more often than not mis-used to depict a woman who is mentally, emotionally and physically tough. A woman that pushes through life, can take on a mans perspective and sometimes live as though they were in a man’s body. But what if Empowerment is as simple as knowing what you feel, respecting that and living in a way that keeps that sensitivity alive? And what if Power is not about having a strong opinion, being heard and taking men on in the work force – but a quality that is sourced from an entirely different approach that is just as, if not more, influential and leading? 


In the upcoming Women in Livingness workshop presented by Natalie Benhayon we will unlock these buzz words and mark out the steps for women to live with and know their inner Power - their ability to live by the grace of their inner knowing, their depth of wisdom and respect for themselves well before they present themselves as any role or identity to the world.   


September 25, 2019

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