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Women in Livingness:

How it all Began

The ‘Women in Livingness’ Events and Initiatives are a subsidiary branch of its founding and holding social enterprise ‘Esoteric Women’s Health ~ Health from Within’. Founded in 2012 by Director Natalie Benhayon, she launched with a very clear purpose in mind; to create a globally active community dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the current state of Women’s Health in our societies worldwide, and to support programs that would educate and inspire change from the current ill-trends back to a living way of true vitally, health and well-being.


Since its beginnings, Women in Livingness has organically grown popular around the globe, expanding its activities and ‘programs that educate and inspire true change’ to now include; WIL Magazine in English and German, WIL Events, WIL Blog, WIL Network and coming soon, WIL TV. Each aspect, (and we continue to grow), offers women an avenue to honestly review their current way of living; does their lifestyle promote for themselves a life of true vitality and confidence? Or like many, are they caught in the “must dos” and demands society has placed onto women at the great expense of our declining female health?


Women in Livingness is dedicated to supporting, developing and promoting all that offers women an opportunity to re-connect, and re-found what it is to live as the true woman they are within.

So, what exactly is a Woman

in The Livingness?

“A woman is not defined by ideals and pictures; she does not carry beliefs of what she can or cannot do. A woman is not a 24/7 mum – motherhood is a choice and not a given. She is not 24/7 career focused, and, she is not a morphed mix of the two. A woman does not value her family, her friends, her colleagues or anyone else above the value of herself – she carries equality in all aspects of life. A woman can be nurturing, caring, tender, warm and embracing, equally she can be firm, direct, steady and strong. A woman cannot be “boxed” to this stereotype or that stereotype – her expression is flexible, and not bound by any restrictive measures.


We need to re-define what it means to be a woman…all women, no matter their age, nationality or culture, carry within themselves all of the above beholding qualities and more.


Through the arising of our true qualities, from our innate and true essence, the paradigm shift we are calling out for can occur.”

– Natalie Benhayon

Firstly, a definition of what a ‘woman’ is in the 21st century has drastically changed to that of ancient times. We are rarely defined by the qualities we bring, but rather by the roles we contribute, here Natalie Benhayon writes a foundational statement to reclaim this innate essence;

Hence, we need to explore what we have accepted as “normal” in society to demand of women, and redefine what is a living way that sustains true health and well-being; one of vitality, joy, having a spark for life, accepting imperfections and not criticising them, which are not utopian states of being for women, but the everyday reality for the many women who have embraced The Livingness.


The ‘Livingness’ simply describes a way of living life that allows women (and all) to be who they truly are, to live by an innate essence that is equal within all, free of pressures, ideals and beliefs, and to do so in and with life in full despite the demands of modern society. It is a living connection that can be sustained day-to-day.

Natalie Benhayon

Founding Director

"Women have lost connection with their innate ability to listen to the natural rhythms by which their body’s live by. This is not to say we cannot be busy or that we are incapable of handling any aspects of life, on the contrary, it only strengthens our ability to do so. Unfortunately however this lost knowing has led to our now commonly experienced and ever increasing rates of illness and disease, and hence why establishing one’s true measure of health, by first re-connecting to the innate essence within, is a vital ingredient for the restoration of true living."

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