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Women in Livingness Magazine is compiled and styled by a team of women residing in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Norway, Canada, and Singapore, delivering its readers a diverse view to explore openly and honestly all the issues that truly matter to women.

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Compiled and styled by over 100 volunteering women, residing in 9 different countries, our teams comprise of women who represent a diverse cross-section of society. They are all leaders in their professional fields, and offer expertise, and life experience on all subject matters the Magazine covers. We are independently owned and self-published, and our teams and readers have become our marketing agency, naturally sharing what they have been inspired by to a now online readership of about 13,000, and stockists around the world through health clinics, newsagencies, small boutiques, and women’s health centres.

Compiled and styled by over 25 volunteering women, our German Edition team is formed together by those native to the language, though residing in different countries. Our writers are inspired to offer their expertise, and life experience on all subject matters that the Magazine covers, making the message of Women in Livingness more widely accessible. We are independently owned and self-published in Germany, and similar to the English Edition our teams and readers have become our marketing agency, naturally sharing what they have been inspired by to their online readership and stockists in Germany through health clinics, newsagencies, small boutiques, women’s health centres, & Cologne/Bonn Airport.

The writers and editors who contribute articles to the Women in Livingness Magazine do so on a voluntary basis. They have been their own, and each other’s, inspiration in a worldwide community by having brought true change to the way they live and relate as women. Our motto – walk your talk – sees our writers committed to addressing the topical women’s issues first personally, enabling them to write from experience, expertise and wisdom. Women do not need to be “told” what to do, and our writer’s style is setting a new precedent for how women communities can connect, educate and communicate with each other.

Kelly Fenech is the creative face behind the design of the Women in Livingness Magazine. With over 10 years experience in field of graphic design, Kelly delivered the fresh, simple and modern style for 

Women in Livingness and collaborated with Natalie to bring this concept to life. Her love for design ensures the magazine and its true message is visually represented and communicated in every aspect of layout and design.

Karen Adams the Graphic designer and Iris Pohl the Creative Director work together and bring more than 25 years of experience in all media areas of visual communication. They involve themselves in the writing processes and photo shoots as for them it is a matter of course that all factors - content, photo and layout - are to be

considered as a whole. Their style is innovative, simple, and inspired by ‘a people’s approach’, ensuring every article is designed with depth and meaning and a clear structure to truly capture and present for the Women in Livingness reader an enjoyable experience.

The unique commitment of our team is – no Photoshop allowed. This means our photographers work extensively in various locations across Australia and Europe to capture the natural beauty, spark, and essence of women in their photography. Women in Livingness understands that the photos are an equally important part of the ‘message’ that will be communicated to its readers – we want women to be inspired by what they see and not judged for not measuring up to unrealistic body shapes and features. Our models are a combination of our writing teams and or other women a part of the livingness community who volunteer their time so that our readers can visually connect and relate to the women who are experiencing similar issues and have found a true way to address them.

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