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Women in Livingness workshops are engaging, educational,inspiring and an open forum that offers the space to explore the current issues that are impacting women's health and well-being and to re-establish a way of living

that supports the development of true well-being.


These events are organised and presented by women, many who are health practitioners, who are committed to living in a way that has already changed their own well-being.    


Each workshop has a theme that offers women the understandings and simple practical tools that can be embraced in their own lives. 

Themes that have been presented in past workshops:

  • Self-worth

  • Being true to ourselves as women 

  • Being honest with ourselves 

  • Exhaustion 

  • Relationships  

  • Empowerment and Well-being 

  • Body Image

What are WIL Events about >>

Sacred Movement

Upcoming EVENT-BRISBAne-Bookings Open Soon 

Date | 15th August 2021

Time | 10am - 3pm 

Venue | Brisbane*

Investment | $85


Concession | $65

* Venue details to be advised after booking 

Have you ever felt your power and sass only to question it the very next day (or moment)?

Why does ‘living in our power’ become so elusive when it comes to living it consistently. This workshop will unpack the traps that keep the true woman from knowing she is All that. And that’s just for starters.


WIL 2021 sets forth the steps that unfold the true woman back to herself so she can not only remember her naturalness and beauty but ever deepen with it and enrich us all by her lived way.


Learn to read where you are at in your own old unfoldment and take home invaluable keys that can be applied to the realness of your day to day life.


With her signature ‘read-the-room’ style Natalie Benhayon brings a warmth and intimacy – and an immediacy – that ensures that no two presentations are the same. If you thought you'd been to a ‘Women in Livingness’ before be prepared to go to a whole new level. And if this is your first time... welcome back.


This is a call your girlfriends and make a day of it kind of occasion. 

We look forward to the unfoldment

"As women, we will never get to empowerment or power unless we all get there together... there has to be a sisterhood, a collaboration, a togetherness"

Natalie Benhayon  

MEET Our Keynote presenter- Natalie Benhayon   

Natalie Benhayon

In Natalie’s role as a presenter, she has been described over the years as one of steady confidence that surpasses her age, carrying an unimposing authority to speak openly and worldly, and is frequently commented on her ability to make all feel equal in her presence. She is renowned for her practical nature and the simplicity she brings to life and any subject matter that be prevalent to her varying audiences at any time............Read more

       What women are sharing about Natalie 
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