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July 2018 Workshop 

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 The topic of self-worth – more specifically the reality that most women feel they live with a lack of it – was on the agenda for the July Women in Livingness workshop. The flyers told us that Natalie Benhayon, founder of ‘Women in Livingness’ back in 2014, would present the key to be confident, the key to living settled, with an inner authority, instead of being plagued by self-doubt and self-worth issues. And judging by the sell-out crowd as well as an additional 75 host sites set up around the globe to webcast the event to another few hundred women, the topic was clearly on point for women in the world today. 

 “A woman in sacredness knows that every curve she has is her angle of Heaven that only she is capable of reflecting. That is being in the sacredness camp, not the corrupted camp.” 

Natalie Benhayon

February 2018 Workshop

Walking into a smart, modern venue in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, I felt instantly at ease and knew today was going to be a great day. This is definitely the place for a truly modern woman, one who doesn’t shy away from engaging in life, her workplace, her community and her family to be. While we have known forever how vital relationships are for all of us, the Women in Livingness event on the real deal of intimacy was just getting started. 


So often it is perceived that women who invest in personal development and are interested in self-growth are fluffy, new-agey, floppy-pant wearing hippies. But here was a room packed with oh-so-normal women, from all walks and age groups of life, who most definitely expressed the epitome of the modern woman. These 130 women had come to hear a couple of relationship counsellors present their take on What is Intimacy. 

A snapshot of women enjoying and sharing what      they learnt and felt about the workshop

Quotes & Feedback 

'We want proof of love but openness has to start with us. We can’t put that onto others and then blame them for not being open too. We all end up walking around shut down. It has to start with the relationship with yourself.'

           Annette Baker  

July 2017 Workshop

In July over 160 women gathered in Brisbane to understand  what true well-being and empowerment means. Natalie Benhayon the founder of Esoteric Women's Health and Women in Livingness delivered a powerful and life changing presentation.

At the workshop, we discovered 'true' well-being - that when women compromise themselves constantly, it moves them away from their sense of self.  Having a strong sense of self underpins true well-being and what being a Woman in Livingness is all about; living each and every day in vitality, joy and love from our innate power. 

Feedback & Quotes 



“Natalie Benhayon  delivered pure magic on many levels. Her analogies have stayed with me....I love opening doors with my fingertips and bringing my whole body to support me."

“Excellent day and so well organised .

It was lovely to be amongst beautiful women who were so honest, caring and supportive."


February 2017 Workshop 

The February Women in Livingness event held in in Brisbane presented the topic, Unlocking our Obsession with Body Image to over 80 women.


While discussions about body image are nothing new these days, the workshop presented a ground breaking revelation that when truly understood, most definitely unlocks our obsession.


We actually don’t have a body image issue and that if it often feels like we do, to understand it as the body's way to tell us we need a (much) deeper connection with ourselves as being far more than the flesh and blood we see. 


The take home message was clear: when we dissect our body and see it in parts that should look a certain way, we will always zero in on that ‘problem’ and fixate on the outer shell. But true beauty comes first as a feeling, the beauty we can feel inside ourselves, and is not dependent on what the outer shell 'looks' like. A woman who can truly feel and appreciate her own inner beauty will naturally feel beautiful and radiate this.

A snapshot of women enjoying and sharing what      they learnt and felt about the workshop
Feedback & Quotes 

“True beauty first comes as a feeling, when we allow that out it becomes an emanation.”  


  Rebecca Asquith

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