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Why do we get out of bed?

What is our purpose and why do we get out of bed?

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions in your daily life - going to work, dealing with traffic, cooking dinner, caring for kids, shopping, washing, cleaning etc - and then getting up the next day to do it all again....

Have you ever asked the question - what is it all for?

At times we can question our life or feel disheartened without a full appreciation of what it is that we actually offer - have you ever reflected on just how much it is that you offer when you do whatever you do, and how important your contribution is to the whole? What if there was a much deeper purpose for everything that we do?

In order for life to 'work' it is vital that we all work together – imagine if we had no garbage collectors or farmers or nurses and doctors, no-one to care for children or the elderly - each part is a vital and important part of the whole, whether it is cleaning the toilets, running a large company, delivering the mail, working at a reception desk, running a country, caring for children, volunteering at the school, etc.

Do we appreciate our part in this?

Are we able to fully appreciate just what it is that we offer, and how only we can offer what it is that we uniquely bring .....

Often we do not appreciate whatever it is that we do, just thinking of it as something that we have to do, rather than understanding and appreciating the depth of what we actually offer when we do whatever it is that we do - and what we uniquely offer by just being ourselves.

Which of these would be you:

“Can't wait for the workday to be over so I can go home and relax”.


“I appreciate what I offer in my work day and that what I do is important and makes a difference”.

Or how about:

“I have to do all these things before I can do what I really want to do”


“All these things that I do are important and all serve a purpose, they support my family/workplace/community to run harmoniously, that what I do is just as important as what anyone else does and it contributes to the whole...”

A very wise woman once said "all jobs serve equally" - whether it is cleaning toilets, driving a truck, running a large multinational organisation, caring for children, volunteer work, answering phones, driving your kids to school, helping them sort out a problem, supporting a friend or an elderly parent - why would you think that what you do, whatever that is, is any less important to the whole than anything else?

By changing the way we see our contribution to the whole we can bring a depth of joy to our everyday – with an understanding that what we do has a purpose, and it makes a difference.

The medicine for us all is a large dose of appreciation, to deeply appreciate who we are and all that we do – we may not be perfect but we are learning, and what we offer is wonderful, just by being ourselves. When we have purpose in our day, when we realise how everything fits into the whole and is important, then we can allow ourselves to feel the joy of this – and our days can then turn from 'going through the motions' into something joyful.


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