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Embracing Self-Worth

I recently attended a Women in Livingness Workshop and Presentation, which was about self-worth and building confidence, something I have struggled with at times in my life. While growing up I experienced my Mother, aunties and cousins having no self-worth or confidence to be themselves in the world and I have watched my friends struggle with these problems or issues my whole life. In fact I do not think I know any woman who has not had self-worth issues in their life at some time or another.

So it was a real surprise when the presenter, Natalie Benhayon said that the workshop was really about Sacredness. This is a word that has made me cringe in the past and it conjures up visions of ethereal women in flowing gowns like something out of a Botticelli painting and not related to me or the world we live in at all.

The whole day was an eye opener and a game changer in its simplicity and practicality and the understanding of what Sacredness really means. I had brought my sixteen-year-old granddaughter and a friend from work with me and we were all astounded by the wisdom imparted and shared to us by Natalie Benhayon who obviously lives and breathes Sacredness through every pore of her body.

What set the tone for the day was the realisation that we are all born sacred, men and women alike and that the world we live in has been built by a model of corruption to take us away from the sacredness of who we are.

The day was not about Natalie presenting all day, more so the workshop was ours to explore and we got the opportunity to discuss and share in small groups about practical topics that affect us all in everyday life, so it made it very real for all of us.

We were given examples and tools to take with us so we could learn to bring a quality to everything we do in our lives be it how we are with sleep, bathing, diet, exercise, relationships, parenting, work, health etc.

What I took away from the day was learning to say no when I feel exhausted, listening to my body, developing the sensitivity in the detail to self-nurturing and be pedantic about it, taking the activation of quality to everything I do and never let my standards drop, accept nothing less and be a role model for others to see and feel my sacredness.

As women today we have a responsibility to bring our sacredness to all that we do to set new standards and reflect this in the corrupt world we live in. My granddaughter loved the day so much and her comment was, “the men should be here to listen to this too”. She was so inspired she shared it with her father and boyfriend that evening.

Natalie Benhayon is a very wise presenter who keeps it simple, real, funny, practical and brings a truth from her body in complete Sacredness for everyone to see and feel. Her goal is to bring sacredness to every being on the planet and if anyone can do it, Natalie Benhayon will.

I have no intention now of ever cringing when I hear the word sacredness but instead embracing it with my whole body and being!


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