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Understanding Self-Worth - not just a buzzword but a pathway to Sacredness

#Self-Love, #Self-Care, #Self-Nurturing, #Self-Worth.

These all seem to be the current buzz words being wielded at women in this current social media driven climate. But do we as women really have a true understanding of what these terms actually mean? What does true self-love, self-care, self-nurturing and self-worth look like as an everyday way of living?

I have spent many years asking myself these questions after another woman asked me a very simple question. What do you do to nurture yourself? I was stumped, for the life of me I could not name one thing that I could feel, in truth, was something I naturally did that truly nurtured my body and my being.

Fast forward to last weekend when I attended a Women In Livingness workshop presented by Natalie Benhayon. This was an absolutely revolutionary presentation that completely turned all these #hashtag buzz words on their heads. What Natalie presented to the 170+ women in live attendance as well as broadcasted internationally completely unpacked what it actually means to be in the livingness of these qualities.

During this workshop I found myself questioning, why is it considered normal to live with a lack of self-worth? An undeniable truth was presented by Natalie that challenged me to ponder deeply to why I completely avoid sacredness yet it’s the ultimate self-worth we can live.

This workshop exposed the corrupt model that society had cleverly created for women to set their standards to and live by. Standards that are a continuously lowering the bar created by ideals and belief that have us engaging in behaviours that are having a detrimental impact on our health and well-being.

It was not just a workshop about understanding self-worth it was far deeper than that. It was a forum for women to come together and pull apart this corrupt model we are all born into that tells us we are meant to look this way or that. A supportive space to expose a set of ideals and beliefs that are often imposed onto women from birth that says we are to behave in a certain way to be accepted only to then still not be accepted anyway. A coming together to remind ourselves that we are all born with sacredness in our body.

When the quality of sacredness was offered to me during the presentation I could sense in myself that it seemed like a fanciful idea that was very much out of my reach but at the same time I was shown fundamental principles that helped me see there was a practical pathway to live self-worth and express the sacredness that I came into this world with.

Breaking down each choice into bite size pieces allows self-worth and ultimately the expression of sacredness in everything I do feels so much more supportive, loving and attainable than any hashtag buzzword and societal expectation that we are constantly bombarded with could ever bring.

I left this workshop with a deeper and clearer understanding as to what it truly means to self-love, self-care and self-nurture, which might I add has no real resemblance to the pampering indulgent version society describes it to be.

Over the following days I found myself being shown very clearly how many of my small daily choices are made from a place of dis-regard, which I now recognise as lack of self-love or self-abuse rather than the sacredness I naturally am. I felt that I was quick to recognise these unloving behaviours and take a moment to feel into just how easily one unloving choice leads to another and how that affects my body. What also was made very clear though was how I could at any given time make a more loving choice and experience the momentum of those choices. By moving this way, I could feel just how I could, over time, connect more deeply with my sacredness through understanding and living these fundamental principles of sacredness, the ultimate self-worth.

By Linda Goggan

Esoteric Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Business Owner


I am a woman first and foremost that has many expressions such as, wife to a gorgeous man that is always showing his commitment to our divinely constellated relationship and mother to 3 beautiful children that remind me everyday that love lived is all the success we need.


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