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Getting to know Sacredness

Deep within each and every woman (and man), present from the moment she is born, is a quality that is unshakeable. A steadiness that is immune to the intensity of the outside world and all that goes on around her. While this quality, in essence, is the same within us all, once re-connected to and lived its expression is unique. Similar to the way the trajectory of light emanates from each and every star in the night sky, each woman provides an angle of reflection that only she can shine forth.

This inner-most quality is forever constant, it is there before she raises her head off the pillow in the morning to start the to-do list of her day. When acknowledged and honoured this essence - the “who she truly is” will guide her in how she is to be. It will lovingly inform her how she can meet the challenges in her day with a knowing that is wise beyond her years. Providing an assured platform to walk each step with grace and authority.

While offering an enormous support for the individual woman, this quality is for all. Its lived way bathes every single person she meets with a depth of nurturing that calls them to connect to their own inner-most being. In a world that constantly imposes how we are to be, the beholding, nurturing love of a woman is the antidote to the vice of expectation, the ideals and beliefs we are born into that inform our movements and create our behaviours. The quality of her presence gives people the space to do what they will. This quality has no need and no investment. It brings observation and understanding that behaviours are not what makes the person, while forever holding them in the more of who they are.

This quality, while lovingly detached is never aloof. It is right there with you, walking its own path beside you, holding you with the depth of all that it is. If the need arises it will offer support, showing or teaching you what is needed so you too grow into your own expression of your inner-most quality without imposition on how you are to be.

While the above may not be the everyday experience for humanity, this beauty, this enormous depth, this exquisite quality exists within each and every one of us. Sacredness is the name of this quality, in fact, sacredness is the true name of every woman, it is the foundation of us all. It is not based on how we look, our behaviours or if the world deems us worthy. IT JUST IS. Sacredness is our inner-most genetic make up and can never be taken away.

Celebrate this quality, Sacredness, know it is there even if you cannot yet tangibly feel it. Wake up every morning knowing that deep within you is a beauty that is pristine, as exquisite as the light of every star. Wake up and know you are complete, that within you is a whole-ness that can nurture you and love you like no other. Wake up and celebrate that you are here, that the world is blessed by your unique reflection, that you are here to support all and this includes truly supporting yourself. Wake up and celebrate that this way of being is as simple as breathing, it is your nature, for you are a woman and sacredness is your name, the truth of who you are.



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