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Coming late to the party: where have women been when it comes to their well-being?

In the early morning on the corner of Chapel and Greville the night life starts to see the light of day. Bare-foot women with make-up blackened eyes take to carrying their painfully high heels as men stumble and motion for the circling yellow cabs.

In stark contrast to this a group of women are just arriving on the scene. There is a grace in their step as they make their way to Chapel on Chapel to set up for Women In Livingness –Empowerment & Well-being, a presentation that women in previous years have described as ‘utterly life changing’.

This is not the kind of event you would expect in Melbourne’s party precinct but it is the kind of event that is consistently being called for by women, and not only as an antidote to the hedonism and endless seeking that punctuates club culture. Increasingly as women we are clocking that, in terms of a general and deep sense of our own well-being, something is sorely missing... In fact ever since endometriosis became something that at least one of your girlfriends suffered from, ever since anxiousness and perfectionism seemed to become baked in to the way we operate, we have all known that something is not right.

Enter Natalie Benhayon, a woman that lives and breathes women’s well-being. At 26 years of age

Natalie Benhayon has been presenting and consulting to women full time since she was 19 years old. A complementary health practitioner, an apps developer and most recently founder of the WIL Network (The Women in Livingness Network), in 2015 she also crowd-funded a digital TV show that raised $120,000 in 30 days. The show, Natalie with Love, is now in development with the latest episode having just finished filming in Germany. A second show, Women In Livingness TV, will follow.

When I asked her what was the impetus for the shows, her answer was matter of fact, “more women

need access to what I am saying in my session rooms, this needs to go wider.”

On August 7th Melbourne women will have the opportunity to see her speak in person in what has

become a much anticipated yearly Melbourne event.

But in an era increasingly saturated with social-media-style-self-help-celebrities all promising the next lifestyle ‘fix’, what makes Natalie Benhayon different?

For starters she seems to be able to call out the very industry she at first appears to be a part of. “When we talk about the self-help industry it is flawed from the outset because it assumes there is a deficit – something that needs help, something that needs fixing. When women reconnect to their bodies, their power and sacredness is immediately accessible. We don’t need more outside solutions, we need answers – and that starts with understanding that our own well-being comes from within.”

Date | Sunday 30th July 2017

Time | 10am to 3pm (registration opens 9am) Venue | Brisbane International Virginia

What Women say about WIL Workshops...

About Natalie Benhayon

Editor in Chief of Women in Livingness Magazine, Natalie Benhayon is a complementary health presenter and practitioner who regularly treats in Australia, the UK and Germany. With a special interest in women’s health she has developed an App – the Our Cycles Period and Full Moon Diary – which supports both women and men to understand and track the cycles of their body. 2017 will see the launch of her very own digital TV show, Natalie, With Love. She is a director of Esoteric Women’s Health and a founder of Sacred Movement – an experiential therapy that assists women and men to re-connect and heal through movement.