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As we age, we get to notice that our breasts are not what they used to be. Do we become critical in how we talk about our breast’s? Perhaps we feel they have become a disappointment which does not ‘fit in’ with the picture we have of ourselves?...

Perhaps we could consider what the relationship with our breasts has been?

For many of us when we were younger, breasts were used to attract partners, to make us look good, to have a good time with during sex, to feed babies with, to be pushed into bras that are uncomfortable to downright painful.

If all this is what our breasts were for, then what happens when we get older?

It seems like we have come on a long road with our breasts, wanting them to perform in some way for us, to get us something, or perhaps to even give us something.

Are our breasts literally weighed down with the manner of use and abuse we have heaped upon them?

Could this be true for you?

If so, what then are you taking into your mature years?

What if we were to consider that there is another way to have a relationship with our breasts?

In my experience, I have been the pusher and user of my breasts for all sorts of reasons and situations in life, but rarely were they at ease in my body to just be mine…actually, I wouldn’t have even known what this meant in the past. I came to realize at fifty-eight that I had most certainly used my breasts to attract men, to look a certain way, to get men to help me and even to make other women jealous, yet none of this made me truly feel any better about myself.

I realised that I had considered my breasts with disregard and this led me to understand that the previous ideals and beliefs were keeping my breasts at a distance, and I had not really embraced them as a part of my body that I could say I really loved.

Through understanding these ideals and beliefs I began my own healing path of peeling back these false outer layers, and learning that actually, we can have a loving relationship with our breasts and our body… this is not a distant wish or myth! This relationship brings a simplicity and power in how we can feel about ourselves as women.

To have a level of honouring and acceptance of our breasts inspires a different way to be with ourselves in all aspects of life. It can bring a deep level of acceptance of our beauty and a depth of love for our body that we may never have considered possible before.

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