Pornography: The impact on women

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Today we can find elements of pornography everywhere, from advertisements, television shows, music videos, best selling novels as well as the obvious and established mainstream pornographic industry, all promoting and sustaining an objectification and sexualisation of the female body. Sex sells as they say, and this is undoubtedly true. But what impact on women are we seeing with the dramatic increase in the acceptability and use of such images, littered throughout our media at every turn?

It is a known fact that women have a long history of struggling with body issues, stemming from low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. We have been raised in a world where as women, we are constantly compared with one another: who is prettier, who has a better body, who is more desirable, who is going to get married first, how many children does one have or will have, who is more successful, who has aged the most gracefully, who has retained a pre-baby body…. we can go on and on.